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Supportive Counseling

Men and women view a divorce and/or breakup through different lenses.  Our relevant experiences & training enable us to offer an individualized road map to help you through the stress and discomfort of a breakup, eventually landing in a clear and stable environment. We help you overcome your current situation and provide you with the guidance, support, and knowledge to help you make better decisions and life choices.


Strategic Divorce Guidance

From financial preparation, parental scheduling, and overall divorce structure, we will provide custom proposals and weigh the pro's/con's to enable you to negotiate the right terms for your individual situation.  Together we will forecast your life moving forward and prioritize what's most important to YOU.


The Next Chapter

We will guide you every step of the way as you start your new journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life.  Our vast network of partners allows us to connect you to the services you'll need to maintain and grow to a better you.

Meet the founders

The Resolve


Greg + Taryn founded The Resolvancy to  provide a collaborative approach to divorce strategy. They have individually experienced the process from different vantage points providing invaluable knowledge. Having been through the system, they can anticipate with an unbiased arm what the next steps are and provide personalized advisory sessions in a discrete and efficient manor. For maximum resolve, the service covers both the emotional and financial components. We are confident in getting you where you need to be in the process and can help flush out the unknowns.  




Greg is an expert in divorce strategies and conflict resolution,  As the CEO & Founder of DivorceForce, Greg oversaw the largest divorce community worldwide.  From working with top lawyers, therapists, coaches and advisors, to successfully litigating his own divorce, his first hand knowledge and negotiating skills bring invaluable insights to The Resolvancy.  A serial entrepreneur of over 20 years, Greg views each "transaction" from a macro level and provides unbiased formulas for success. 




Taryn has a degree in Relationship Psychology with continued education in Life Coaching and NLP Mastery. Her own divorce served as a catalyst in helping guide others through relationship trauma and the healing process. Taryn is a staff member at Renew Breakup Bootcamp specializing in anxiety diffusion, empowerment and rewiring skills, where she creates support and community with an empathetic approach. Her passion to help others, along with a very specific skillset makes her an invaluable asset during your time of conflict.

The Resolvancy

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